The Neuhauser debarker can be used for stakes, poles, masts and for the construction of  timber structures.

Available as a standard debarker  with circular saw and debarker with pointer. 


On the standard model, debarking can be achieved on wood from 3 cms to a maximum of 25 cms.  The standard model can be powered by any of the following:

tractor pto 15 hp (11kW)

10.0 kW electric motor

combined tractor pto and electric motor



The combined debarker/pointer has the same features as the standard model, but with built-in saw for pointing, allowing for simple operation. 

Not only does it allow for debarking, pointing can be achieved without the need for additional equipment.  The combined model can be powered by any of the following: 

Model R 1K:   tractor pto 25 hp (16 kW) 

Model 3K R:   10.0 kW motor

Model R 4K:   combined tractor pto and 10 kW electric motor




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