Zanon produce three different types of log splitter:

hydraulic with differing powered motors



A range of log splitters with varying power and performance and with motor, electric or pto driven options. 


  • Hydraulic log splitter SL 8-9

    Vertical drive log splitter, complete with distribution pump (flow 40l/minute) and automatic piston return.  Table top is reinforced to ensure stable and safe cutting.

    Cutting height is 58 cms.

     4 different models, that differ for cutting thrust (8,000-9,000 kgs), power and size.

    Standard equipment includes safety devices, wheels for movement and automatic control system of adjustable limit switches. 




    Hydraulic log splitter SL 10

    The SL10 is characterized by a large reinforced working table, which is adjustable in height.  This makes it possible to adapt the log splitter with simplicity, enabling various sizes of wood to be split (up to a maximum of 90 cms).

    This professional log splitter guarantees precision cutting and total control of its operation.  Moreover, it is equipped with safety devices, wheels for movement and an automatic control system of the end of travel adjustable. 





    Professional vertical log splitter SV-10

    The SV10  has a thrust of 10,000 kgs and is available in different weight and power models.  Equipped with safety devices and automatic control of end of travel adjustment.

    A splitting cross is available as an optional extra. 



    Vertical log splitter SV 12-14

    Characterized by a large support surface, removable side and a thrust range from 12,000 - 14,000 kgs.

    Equipped with safety devices and an automatic control system of the end of travel adjustable.  Available in siz versions with different weight and power models.

    Splitting cross, mobile pump, wheels and drawbar available as optional extras. 


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