A range of semi-professional and professional cranes and trailers. Cranes range from 5.1 metre outreach to 8.75 metre outreach. Trailers range from 7 tonne to 15 tonne driven models.


Two series of cranes, the K range for the semi-professional operator and M range for the professional operators. 

The M series has a inclined lifting arm which provides greater lifting power at long reach.  There are telescopic/double telescopic arms on all models (except K20/K30) for extra long reach.  The overhead air cylinders provide good lifting power at approximately 4 metres when lifting occurs up on to the trailer.  The protection location also makes it impossible for damage to be caused by swinging load in the grab.  A rotator link with brake, for less movement in the load, comes as standard on the M series.





M range of forestry trailers offering a 7 tonne load capacity for the semi-professional user up to a 15 tonne capacity for forest owners, professional foresters and contractors.  All trailers can be equipped with optional extras such as a trailer mounted winch, multiple bars, disc/drum brakes, lighting equipment and alternative tyre dimensions (certain models only).



We can also offer a range of grabs and rotators to suit your needs.


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